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14 Sep

undertake initial assessments and provide counselling services to a range of clients, particularly young people and children.


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You work at CareShore as a Case Manager. You are responsible for undertaking initial assessments and providing counselling services to a range of clients, particularly young people and children.Today you are meeting with Caiden, a 16-year-old male. Caiden lives with his younger brother, mother and father. His parents have brought him to CareShore as they are concerned for his well-being. Caiden disclosed his homosexuality to his family and friends approximately 12 months ago. His family were supportive of his choice.In the last two months, they have noticed that Caiden has become increasingly withdrawn. He wears bulking clothing at home and his mother has noticed some bruises on his body from time to time. When questioned, Caiden said the bruises were from playing soccer with his friends at school.Over the last month, Caiden has been increasingly reluctant to go to school. His parents discussed their concerns with some of Caiden’s teachers. They too noticed a change in his behaviour. They stated that Caiden seems to sit alone at school and does not interact as much with his normal group of friends.Last week, Caiden told his mother that he’d ‘rather be dead’.

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