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15 Sep

Use phonelab to investigate the difference between throwing and bowling a ball


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The Unit Outline refers to mechanics related investigations that make use of the PhoneLab app that uses the accelerometers in a smart phone to measure accelerations in the x-, y- and z-directions. Some students have struggled with PhoneLab in the past, but had success with similar alternatives including Phyphox, Google Labs and Lab4Physics. Our preference is that you should make use of one of these (or similar) apps, but it is not mandated. As a guideline, some previous investigation topics are listed below.Some topics investigated by students in previous years using PhoneLab included: 1. The difference between throwing and bowling a ball 2. The difference between a novice and an expert tennis player in hitting a forehand 3. The acceleration of different parts of a person’s leg when kicking a football 4. Centripetal acceleration by a ballet dancer as they spin. 5. Acceleration by a sprinter from starting blocks 6. Droping a mobile phone onto different surfaces from about 30 cm 7. Acceleration of a low friction cart down a ramp

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