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18 Oct

Use the 3-2-1 approach for your summary and reflections paper for the reading and…


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Use the 3-2-1 approach for your summary and reflections paper for the reading and reflection assignment. For each article Identify 3 things you learned and why they are important. Identify 2 things you can use as an effective school leader, and why or how. Provide 1 reflective comment about the materials. Use the following template to format your paper.(For each article ) there are 3 I will upload template to follow I will also upload articles
After reading Dreamland, watching Chasing Heroin, and doing your own research what/who do you believe
a title that relates to your specific ideasan introductory paragraph that provides a hook and describes the main ideas in your essaya thesis statement that sums up your main point, including both your claim and reasons in support of your claimBody paragraphs (approximately 4-5) that provide support for and relate to your thesis, showing strong unityInclude specific evidence in the form of a quote or paraphrase from the following:At least THREE pieces of direct evidence (quote or paraphrase) from DreamlandAt least TWO pieces of evidence from your own research on the topicThis source should be a credible book and/or newspaper, magazine or journal article.References should add to the conversation not reiterate what was said in Dreamlandcite anything that is not common knowledge–give credit to DreamlandOptional: Reference to Chasing HeroinReferencing these class readings is not required but encouragedQuotes should be properly introduced in a signal phrase and related to your topic. When integrating evidence effectively into this paper, you need to introduce the source, the main point of the source, the point you will make with the quote, the quote, explain the quote in your own words, and then relate the quote to the larger point you are making. a concluding paragraph that reflects upon your main point and leaves the reader with the strong sense of why the ideas in the essay are important
Action-based Project Overview and Rationale The Final Project is focused on solving an ethical issue that deals with organizational/societal leadership,
Action-based Project Overview and Rationale The Final Project is focused on solving an ethical issue that deals with organizational/societal leadership, where students apply course material to a real-world scenario. The assignment will be conducted in the form of an action project whereby the students will serve as consultants on a topic that is related to Corporate Social Responsibility. The students will put themselves into the shoes of real-life leaders who deal with an ethical situation that encompasses both organizational and societal levels. The project includes: (a) data-based comprehensive description of the issue/dilemma and its background; (b) in-depth analysis of options, justified with the use of course materials; and (c) recommendations/solutions/polices for making change. Assignment Objectives Students will be able to analyze a real-world organization and determine how its corporate social responsibility program aligns with the information learned to date, citing course readings, lectures, and discussions.Students will be able to analyze the respective companys CSR program using the ethical lenses learned during the first half of the course.Students will have an opportunity to offer their ideas on how their ethical leadership styles would impact on real-world organizations by identifying solutions or plans for improving a companys CSR program.The Project You are a consultant who specializes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Your job is to analyze a specific companys CSR program, determine if it is accomplishing the desired purpose, recommend a CSR start-up program for a company that has not fully embraced this concept, and/or determine if CSR is in the best interest of the respective company. A few days ago, you were contacted by a company that would like you to evaluate their CSR program and provide specific recommendations on what they are doing well, what areas need improvement, and how CSR aligns with its reputation for ethical behavior and conduct. You can choose a company from the list below, select the one you work for, or use a company that you are personally or professionally familiar with. If the company you select does not support CSR, your job will be to determine if it would benefit from such a program, and why. Your contract stipulates that you will analyze the existing CSR program within the company you selected, identify the pros and cons of the program, make recommendations for changes, and determine how effectively CSR aligns with the company’s ethical foundations, its vision and its mission. If it does not have a CSR program provide a logical plan for why such a program would benefit the company and how it should be implemented. Assignment Structure The final assignment for this course is a project that includes two elements: a research paper and presentation. Paper (6 8 pages) – Serves as the consulting report; an official document that will analyze the companys CSR program, explain your findings about the program, and include detailed recommendations. Presentation (6 8 Power Point or Prezi slides) – Designed to serve as your presentation to the companys board of directors, where you summarize the information in the consulting report. The student will work on understanding, analyzing and implementing choices related to an ethics-related situation. In doing this, you are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical foundations of ethical leadership when you reflect on your recommendations for improving the companys CSR efforts. Using lecture materials, readings, and the various discussions you have had with classmates and the instructor, you will incorporate leadership theories to create a CSR program that will support your ethical leadership style. Consider the following points in your report: – Using the available research and your personal or professional examples – define CSR in your own words. – Based on your research, what are the arguments both in favor of and against CSR? – How do your arguments support your analysis of the CSR program for the company you selected? – Use your personal and professional experiences to guide your ideas and recommendations on how the selected company can and/or should be socially responsible. – How does the company or organization you researched make a clear link between the concept of CSR and the various ethical theories we discussed during this course? – Why is CSR a leadership issue? – Provide no less than six references (not included in the six to eight pages). Here are a few companies that have a strong record of Corporate Social Responsibility – their information is readily available on-line. Again, you are free to choose any company you desire. Coca Cola IKEA Toms Shoes Microsoft JPMorgan Chase
Letter space for letter K to do ? Design a letterform of letter K that is informed by a place,
Letter space for letter K to do ? Design a letterform of letter K that is informed by a place, space or location that you encounter in your everyday life. Make a visual and/or a conceptual connection between your given letter Think about using media that is relevant for the space or the idea you have. Think about how the visual layout of a poster, sequence of pages or timing of a moving image can reinforce the presentation of your chosen space. How do I do make my letterform ? You can use an existing font, a found letter or a new bespoke letter that you If necessary, refer back to the range of exercises we gave you in week 2 for some starting points. Or you can try something else. and your chosen place or location. design specially for this project. Gather information about space. Investigate a variety of possible places, spaces and locations. Walk. Look. Find. Visit. Think. Remember. Look for letterforms. Ask more questions. Dont just Google. Whats the history of your given letter ? You will need to investigate your letter its history and its usage. What does your letter mean to you and what do you associate with it ? Look for existing depictions of your letterform and record interesting ways your letter has been represented. Find things that look like letters in spaces you visit. If you are able to. Perhaps your letter is disguised as something else. How many different ways can you write your letter ? What does your letter feel like ? How would you describe your letter in words ? What are your favourite fonts ? Write down why. Compare different glyphs. Tell us what you find. What do other people think your letter stands for or represents ? Ask some other people about your letterform. Ask them which places, spaces, locations it makes them think of. Studentship Research You should have some visual material with annotations for at least two of the areas we suggested last week. Silver star if youve pushed this beyond the starting point we suggested. Gold star if youve started looking into other areas that werent on our list, especially if youve looked beyond The university , a bookshop, a gallery, a cinema. Development You should have experimented with and tested some letterforms using at least two of the suggestions we made last week. Silver star if youve pushed an idea beyond just copying something. Gold star if youve developed your own technique, process or system for making letterforms. Application You should have identified an idea for presenting a finished letterform but it might not be fully finished yet. Silver star if you have a finished idea. Gold star if youve developed a presentation using multiple letterforms. Monday 28 September Critique and feedback Here are some reasons we critique your work This weeks tutor group seminar is a critique of your work-in-progress. Try to get as many letterforms as you can to a finished stage. The critique is online so think about how youre going to digitize your work if you havent done so already. Photographs or scans are fine. Think about using Padlet or something similar to keep everything in one place. ? Feedback Crit is short for critique it means : to review or analyse critically. You are asked to share some of the ideas youve had so far an hopefully a finished letterform or two. In return you will get some feedback about what youve made. In the crit well aim to identify the things in your work that are successful as well as areas for improvement. ? The crit is a chance to learn about presenting your work Different people adapt to presentation in different ways and at different speeds. Most people find it nerve-racking. Some people love it. Its not easy and it does take practice to get better at. Verbal presentation is a vital aspect of the design process and its difficult to progress as a designer without it. On this course we like to get your presentation skills started early on, but gently does it. The crit is small, just your tutor and your tutor group. We wont ask anyone to speak who is uncomfortable doing so, but please let your tutor know in advance if this is how you feel. We wont ask anyone to show work if theyre really uncomfortable doing so. Again, please let your tutor know in advance. Its important to attend the crit even if you have no work to show yet. Perhaps especially if you have no work to show yet so you can see how your peer group are getting on. Its often helpful to see other work even if youre own work is not developing as fast as youd like. Its a basic professional courtesy to inform your tutor if youre unable or dont want to attend. We wont tell you off, but it is useful to know why. Studentship : What else did you do during this unit ? The crit this week marks the halfway point of the project and its a good Evaluation You should have described some of the thoughts behind your research ? The crit is a chance to see work made by your peer group Design is essentially a collaborative process. We often work in teams idea to think about these questions now in relation to what youve achieved so far and then update your answers at the end of the unit. and development ideas in your on-going annotation. Silver star if there is some critical analysis, not just descriptive content. Gold star if youve developed new ideas in light of your critical analysis. (professionally) and you can learn a lot from your peer group. And they can learn a lot from you . ?
a formal letter to U.S. senator concerning a current bill
It will be a formal letter to U.S. senator concerning a current bill. It must be 2 to 2.5 pages (typed, double-spaced) and contain the following: – The proper salutation (Hint: It is not Your Holiness) – The bill number and title – Your position on the bill – The position of the person to whom you are writing – Support for your position-Actions you will take (i.e., continued support, party defection, public protest, self-exile in Siberia, self-immolation, etc.) There is sample and research method as attachment.
A Place in the Sun is a tragedy of young people. Each character–George, Alice, and Angela–has a tragic flaw. (Tragic
Writing Assignment Writing ServiceA Place in the Sun is a tragedy of young people. Each character–George, Alice, and Angela–has a tragic flaw. (Tragic flaws are something all people carry as part of the human condition. When unchecked, they lay out a course of events that lead to destruction.) Your task: Discuss one major character. Explain why the character acts out a tragedy. What is it about the character that is tragic? Think about it. What are the underlying motives and why are they tragic? Do your best. If you write something illuminating in a clear fashion, you’ll get full credit. Please heed the feedback I’ve written over the past weeks. I’ll also be looking for my style advice from the good writing module. Feel free to discuss the film with me during office hours. I can point, but you’ll have to uncover.
a review of the art works (Nari Ward, Iron Heavens, 1995.) and exhibition (Nari Ward, we the people, new
Question a review of the art works (Nari Ward, Iron Heavens, 1995.) and exhibition (Nari Ward, we the people, new museum) and should highlight the curatorial premises of the exhibition. see material attached Nari Ward, Iron Heavens, 1995. Basic info https://www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/view/nari-ward-we-the-people Answer Nari Ward has an impeccable approach to art. He knows how to relate […] A Review of Art Work .
1) Does the Case of Aaron Hernandez emphasize a “criminal mind?” or a damaged brain? Why? 2) How do theories
1) Does the Case of Aaron Hernandez emphasize a “criminal mind?” or a damaged brain? Why? 2) How do theories of biology and social structure explain Aaron Hernandez’s deviant behavior? Please provide some examples. 3) How have notions of neurocriminology shaped our understanding of Aaron Hernandez? 4) How would media criminology and journalistic representations of Hernandez differ if we had access to brain evidence prior to his death? Would it make a difference in the outcome of his cases?
Prompt #3: Desiring the Monster. Jeffery Jerome Cohen suggests that monsters reflect our desires, especially desires involving freedom, escape from
Prompt #3: Desiring the Monster. Jeffery Jerome Cohen suggests that monsters reflect our desires, especially desires involving freedom, escape from restrictions, or the ability to make socially unacceptable choices. Using Shakespeares Titus Andronicus and/or Joss Whedons Buffy the Vampire Slayer for support, discuss the ways in which monsters can function as symbols of desire. What kinds of monsters do we see in the text(s) youve chosen, and how do they reflect the idea of desire? In what different ways might these monsters be attractive, and what does that tell us about larger cultural desires and assumptions (for instance, the assumption that romantic love is important, or that social acceptance is important)? You should have a clear thesis, no later than your second paragraph, that makes a statement about who or what is monstrous in the play and/or television show and how those monsters connect to the idea of desire, then use your body paragraphs for evidence and support.
What type of primary source is the source you selected? (Is it a diary excerpt, a treaty, a letter, a
What type of primary source is the source you selected? (Is it a diary excerpt, a treaty, a letter, a speech, etc.?)Who produced the source?When was written?Why was the source written?What questions does this source raise?What is the author’s frame of reference. (Think about this one a bit. What is the author’s worldview or perspective. What is it about the author that makes him/her think the way that do? Perhaps, the author possesses biases? And what are the implications of that frame of reference? *Frame of a reference is a world view or a bias. Everyone has one. Many factors shape frame of reference such as gender, culture, socio-economic status, race, upbringing, life experiences, etc.Why is this source significant? https://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/lincoln-resolutions
Step 6. ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS – Write an essay analysis (250 word minimum) on an abstract painting from a museum collection.
Step 6. ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS – Write an essay analysis (250 word minimum) on an abstract painting from a museum collection. Please include a properly cited image. There is an example of a properly cited image in the Discussion Board Essay Prompt from Week 1. Please check for spelling and grammar and save the document as a PDF. Consider the following ideas in your essay and remember, stating “I like it,” doesn’t tell me what you think about the painting! 1)The dominant color palette – are the colors warm or cool, complementary or analogous? Does the color influence how you feel about the painting?2) Is the composition balanced or unbalanced? Do the formal elements, such as shape, line, and color, create patterns or a rhythm? What about the lines, do they guide you around the canvas? Are the sharp or squiggly?3) What effect does the scale of the painting have upon the viewer?4) What do YOU feel or think of when you view this image? PLEASE INCLUDE A PAINTING
Individual Written Assignment 1The Tennessee Titans are a Class AA baseball team and farm club for the Atlanta Braves. The
Individual Written Assignment 1The Tennessee Titans are a Class AA baseball team and farm club for the Atlanta Braves. The Titans league consists of eight teams that are all located within a 150-mile radius of Nashville. The Titans ranked sixth of eight last year but have high hopes for the coming season in part because of the acquisition at the end of the last season of a great new pitcher, Don Johnson. Don had the second-best ERA last season. Johnson is also a popular player, seen frequently in the community, using his humor and occasionally outrageous behavior to develop a local fan club called the DJs. None of the other players come close to Don in popularity. Head Coach Bill Belcher, a 15-year veteran of the Titans, is optimistic for the coming season, noting the teams luck has got to change. The Titans have had only two winning seasons in the last 10 years. The Nashville baseball park is somewhat typical of AA parks, though somewhat older and a bit smaller. It serves a variety of soda, beer, and nachos to its fans on game days. Also, in a 150-mile radius of Nashville are three NASCAR venues, two outdoor concert venues, 12 colleges with competitive sports teams, one major league football team, and one major league basketball team. There is no major league baseball team. Martin Barns, the consultant for the Tennessee Titans, has been asked to complete a value-chain analysis of the franchise with a particular focus on a comparison with a nearby competing team, the Memphis Bulls. Martin has been able to collect selected cost data as follows for each of the six steps in the value chain. Single-ticket prices range from $4.50 to $8.00, and average paying attendance is approximately 2,200 for Nashville and 3,400 for Memphis. Average Cost per Person at Scheduled Games Tennessee Titans Activities in the Value Chain Memphis Bulls $0.45 Advertising and general promotion expenses $0.50 0.28 Ticket sales: At local sporting goods stores and the ballpark 0.25 0.65 Ballpark operations 0.80 0.23 Management compensation 0.18 0.20 Game-day operations: security, special entertainment, and game-day promotions 0.65 $1.81 Total cost $2.38 closer-look.pngDeliverables Provide a brief (2-3 paragraphs) background and history of baseball farm clubs, from a business perspective, and their relationship to the major leagues. (This information does not need to be from scholar sources, you may use information from web sites or other sources)Analyze the value chain to help Martin better understand the nature of the competition between the Titans and the Bulls and to identify and recommend opportunities for adding value and/or reducing cost at each activity.Referring to the information provided, regarding the Tennessee Titans, prepare a SWOT analysis for the Titans.Referring to the information provided, regarding the Tennessee Titans, prepare a balanced scorecard for the Titans. Paper SpecificsAlthough this is a working paper it is also a research paper; therefore, it should be developed, organized and presented using APA formatting guidelines including the use of a title page, citations, headings, tables, figures, references and appendices (if applicable); be sure to cite at least three scholarly researched sources. Any calculations and graphs may be done in Excel, and then transferred to a Word document. All calculations should be clearly explained as to your assumptions and how you arrived at your answers. Note: Though the names of the teams in the case may be familiar, they are purely fictional; do not use external sources that discuss teams with similar names to support your analysis or any conclusions you draw. Neither an abstract or running head is necessary for this assignment. The submitted assignment MUST BE a Word Document. (SLO11) Paper Writing RequirementsMost classes have a 2 paper requirement per course. Please be sure to address the following requirements when completing your papers: The cover page and reference page/s are not included in the above-stated page requirement. These should be in addition to page requirements.Papers need to be formatted in proper APA style.Each paper requires a minimum of at least three outside peer-reviewed sources for your references.Acceptable/credible sources include: Academic journals and books, industry journals, and the class textbook. You could use credible business website sources in addition to these but avoid Wikipedia and Google. These are academic papers that need to include scholarly research.Using your textbook is highly recommended to demonstrate that you have read the required material.
Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 4, 5, and 6 in your course textbook. Review the following
Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 4, 5, and 6 in your course textbook. Review the following case study and select one to examine and apply the theoretical concepts and methods used during an OD intervention.Case Study 2: City Center Hospital Case StudyOrganizational Problem: Center City Hospital is a large outpatient surgery center in a mid-size urban area of Kansas. The CEO, Director of Nursing (DON), and the HR manager are concerned with a morale issue amongst the nursing staff of the organization. During the past year, the hospital has been trying to change the culture to become more profit and patient-centered. Organizational Design: Full-time staffing of the hospital is operational. This includes the CEO, DON, Human Resources Management (HRM), Finance, Risk Management, and Unit Managers for each section of the surgery center. Nursing staff within the center is outsourced and nurses are hired on as conditional permanent staff. The doctors are independent contractors with the hospital and are on yearly contracts. Challenge and Request Criteria: The CEO, DON, and the HRM believe the morale of nurses is at an all-time low and the relationship between doctors, unit managers, and nurses is damaging to the mission of the hospital. The CEO is concerned about losing physicians due to the lack of leadership skills displayed by the unit managers. The unit managers are concerned about the stress level for the nurses and blame the arrogant behavior of the physicians as the cause of stress. The CEO, DON, and HRM request an OD intervention for all internal managers with the intent of developing a common focus of leading a united team. The leadership team requires that this be addressed in a one-day workshop and that a visible improvement be seen over the next 12 months. As defined by the leadership team, the intervention is to develop stronger leadership skills within the unit manager staffing, and must result with visible improvement over the subsequent 12 months. The paper must be four to five pages in length, and include level headings to lead the reader through the specific areas of content. Level headings also provide the reader with an outline to ensure all areas of the project are covered. You may refer to the Introduction to APA (Links to an external site.) webpage, and read the information under Level Headings for assistance on level headings. The paper must include the course textbook as a reference, as well as four additional scholarly, peer-reviewed, and/or credible sources to support the content of the paper. The Action Research Case Study paper Must be four to five double-spaced in length (not including title and references) and formatted according to APA Style (Links to an external site.) as outlined in the Writing Centers APA Formatting for Microsoft Word (Links to an external site.).Must include a separate title page with the following:Title of paperStudents nameAshford UniversityCourse name and numberInstructors nameDate submittedMust utilize academic voice. See the Academic Voice (Links to an external site.) resource for additional guidance.Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.For assistance on writing Introductions
For this assignment, you are to write a paper 5 pages, excluding the cover page and references page, addressing the
For this assignment, you are to write a paper 5 pages, excluding the cover page and references page, addressing the differences between addiction, tolerance and withdrawal. You will first need to research the effects for the following classes of psychoactive drugs: opiates (heroin, Fentynal, Oxycodone); stimulants (Methamphetamine, Cocaine, MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine), cannabis, tobacco, and; depressants (alcohol, PCP, Ketamine). Next, use the additional resources in this module, course lectures and any other outside sources, to research the general effects of the following classes of psychotropic medications: Anti-depressants (SSRIs, Tricyclics, MAOIs); Anti-psychotics (typical, mood stabilizers), and: Anti-obsessive agents (anti-anxiety agents, SSRIs stimulants). Imagine you are explaining the differences between tolerance and withdrawal to a person who is convinced withdrawal and tolerance means that a person is in fact addicted to a drug. Address the following questions and be sure to cite the sources in your narrative and list references using APA style: In clear terms, explain what is tolerance and what is withdrawal, how these conditions develop, and if these are permanent or temporary conditions. You do need to explain every form of tolerance. Next explain and describe what are the key characteristics of addiction and how addiction differs withdrawal and tolerance to a drug. Now briefly explain how the following classes of psychoactive drugs affect the brain and can produce addictive effects: opioids (heroin, Fentanyl, Oxycodone); stimulants (cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine); tobacco, cannabis, and depressants (alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, PCP, Ketamine). There is no need to explain each specific drug or its effects; just explain the common general effects of each drug class on the brain and central nervous system. Finally, explain why opiates, tobacco, cannabis, stimulants, and depressants can lead to addiction, yet most psychiatric medications such as antidepressants, anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers, and anti-mania drugs do not lead to addiction. Explain the reason for this difference? Brief write a summary conclusion of your narrative.

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