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3 Feb

Vaping deaths and illnesses | Good Grade Guarantee!

Write an analytical essay that addresses the following:
Vaping deaths and illnesses are on the rise in the US, and Australian authorities are worried that a similar trend will hit Australia. In one recent month, more than 500 people were hospitalised in the US according to a report by Australia’s ABC.
The report suggests manufacturers are promoting “colourful, candy-flavoured products, which may be designed to hook a new generation on nicotine rather than wean older smokers off destructive cigarettes”.
“The perception that these (e-cigarettes) are somehow safe is a total farce,” one expert says.
Change is needed to prevent children from taking-up vaping.Prior research is necessary before creating a prevention program or campaign and, as such, you are asked to critically evaluate the
implications when selecting communication strategies and tactics and, monitoring and evaluation for a specific target public.
As the problem is situated among children, there are several ethical implications that would guide decisions.
Your essay will be informed by theory. In addition, your discussion should outline the ethical implications.
Below are a set of questions that will help you develop your essay. For convenience, they are placed under four key areas for consideration.
Target public
You need to learn more about your target public and the best way to elicit change. Determine if you should target the children, their parents/guardians or another identified target public. Why have you chosen this target public?
How should the target public be told?What forms of communication are they most likely to use (media, technology and platforms)?
Strategy and tactics
Based on successful past programs and campaigns,
Provide an example of the type of organisation best positioned to deliver this program/campaign and explain why. You can be specific and name a potential organisation or, discuss the sector that should run the program, i.e government, not-for-profit or corporate sector, or discuss the merits of a coordinated approach.Who do your target public perceive as having source credibility and why?What tactics are most likely to resonate with your audience?
Monitoring and evaluation
What is the best way of monitoring and measuring successful articulation/understanding of the message? Why do you think this is the best form of measurement?Your analysis needs to consider and outline the ethical implications all key areas.
Your decisions should be supported and justified by a combination of academic literature and evidence from other information sources.
Include a minimum of 7 academic references.

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