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24 Jun

visualisations in Augmented Reality


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B2 6
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References 10
List of records for 4th of June, 2020 which was booked on 2nd of February, 2020.
All Booking List
Number of Bookings with customer ID: 124
Party Booking Report:
Customer Borrowing one or more loans.
There can be more than 1 customer with 0 or more loans.
A specific loan belongs to specific customer.
One customer borrowing a loan.
Customer: (Customer_ID, Name, Street_address, city)
Employee: (Employee_ID, Name, Other Details)
Branch: (Branch_ID, Branch_Name, Branch_ Address)
Account: (Account_No, Account_Name, Customer_ID, Account_Type, Branch_ID)
Loan: (Loan_ID, Loan_Amount, Loan_Sanc_Date, Loan_Interest, Customer_ID, Employee_ID)
PK: Customer_ID, Employee_ID, Branch_ID, Account_No, Loan_ID
FK: Customer_ID, Branch_ID (Account)
FK: Customer_ID, Employee_ID
The visualisations in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality brings down to great experience in learning new data and analysing the same. The 3 crucial data learning from data visualisation in AR are:Identifying meaningful use cases: The biggest pro of using AR for data visualisation is to have great access to dataset. The data set allows to be viewed in various formats as per the nature and type of the data. The meaningful data set can be searched, filtered using various options and interactive feature of the AR.
Interactive AR: The software developed to provide experience of touch, gestures, speech. Gaze or wearables to various data set can be useful in finding the accurate information of the dataset.Environment matters: The study of object in a traditional way can be lot difficult if the data set has constraints. However, the AR brings to such environment which is flexible and can easily be configured as per the user requirement. [ CITATION Seb20 l 3081 ]The VR allows the data visualisation to achieve the requirement of analysing the data in a 3D format. Moreover, it also provides the 3 crucial learnings of data from data visualisation.
Less Distractions: The focus on each object of the data is specific and can be utilised to find an accurate information from the huge data set.[ CITATION Don14 l 3081 ]
More space: The VR provides flexible and great integration of the options to display the data in various formats. The popular options such as 360-degree sphere, 3D and more.
Greater Bandwidth: The data transmission and processing rate is much higher while visualisation and analysing the data. Moreover, it also provides a natural set of interaction which is useful for data visualisation. [ CITATION ich14 l 3081 ]
The data set used was FIFA 2018 Player Ratings from the resource link provided.
Downloading and Installation:
Overall Rating (Visualisation 1)
Total Value of the clubs (Visualisation 2)
S. Sadowski, “Top 5 learnings for visualizing data in Augmented Reality (AR),” Medium, 2020. [Online].
C. D. S. D. S. C. A. W. A. L. G. N. J. Z. J. L. E. Y. Donalek, “Immersive and Collaborative Data Visualization Using Virtual Reality Platforms,” 2014. [Online]. Available: http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1410/1410.7670.pdf. [Accessed August 2016].
i. D. Thomas, “ Using virtual reality to understand big data,” SAS, 2014. [Online]. Available: http://www.sas.com/ro_ro/news/sascom/2014q1/virtual-reality-big-data.html. [Accessed August 2016].

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