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Select an organization that operates internationally but which has had controversy or widely-recognized problems. For this paper use Wal-Mart who, for example, has expanded into South Korea only to find that Wal-Mart products were not wanted. This project will be a position paper of 10-12 pages, not including the reference and title pages, that includes an examination of the following: 1. The management issue being discussed. 2. The following components and how they impact the organization: external environment factors, cultural dynamics, strategy and structure. 3. A description of the theories that apply to the international management of the organization and the handling of the specific issues. 4. A substantiated opinion regarding the organization’s management of the issues, in other words, has the organizational management been effective in its facilitation of the organization’s position in the global landscape? Why or why not? 5. Given the future of international management, include thoughts on how management can prepare to deal with or conclude the issues. This project should adhere to the following standards: Project should be 10-12 pages long, not including the required title and reference pages, APA format with a minimum of 5 scholarly sources.
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