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1 Jul

What authors


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What authors decide to include in their composition (and how) informs the readers opinion of the author’s credibility, but those decisions can also influence the tone and the way we feel. For example, Khan-Cullors references music, descriptions of specific places, and the works of other artists to help the reader better understand important themes and points in each chapter. In this assignment, you will select a chapter from When They Call You A Terrorist and create a composition that brings those references together in one space. You will then write a 3-4 page paper that explains the decisions you made in your composition and how they reflect the rhetorical devices at play in that chapter. Your composition must appeal to readers using visuals, text, and sound. Select one of the following: Create a social media post or account with hashtags, sound, and a visual – Be prepared to explain why you selected that specific platform in your essay Compose a playlist with a visual cover for the chapter – Explain how each song is relevant to the chapter paying special attention to lyrics, tone, and/or historical significance of the song or artist and how that cover ties everything together Black Out poetry – Explain any images, colors, words, shapes you use and how your compositions works to supplement or add on to the original text. Reminder: Essays should be typed in MLA format, 3-4 pages (not including authorial material, title, and Works Cited page), and address the requirements of each assignment. Failure to submit an assignment that meets the minimum page count may be grounds for an automatic zero. Use quotes sparingly. Do not copy any of the words or phrases of the original without documentation. Remember the majority of your paper should be YOUR words. Be careful to present the ideas and main points clearly. Essay #2 will be graded as follows: minimal effort (50 points); major points mentioned but lacking in development (140 points); thorough overview of essay with major points of assignment addressed and assignment written following acceptable usage (200 points). You must submit hard copies of these analysis papers.
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