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10 Jun

What can we do to reduce the gun violence?


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1.Topic: The issue of Gun Violence in the USA.
2. Cornell, Dewey G. “Gun violence and mass shootings: Myths, facts and solutions. The
Washington Post.”(2014).
This is a web article that educates people about realities, illusions, and resolutions about
the gun violence. This highlights that violence of gun is reducing, by statistics shootings
in school are rare and gun violence can be reduced. It is a praiseworthy source because it
provides lots of information related to distinct aspects of gun violence. This source will
help display facts and solutions linked to gun violence.
Fowler, Katherine A., et al. “Firearm injuries in the United States.” Preventive medicine 79
(2015): 5-14.
It discusses the issue of fatal and non-fatal gun violence in U.S. Additionally, it describes
assault, homicide, self-directed and unintentional gun injuries trends over 20 years
together with recent demographic characteristics of victimization and health
consequences. Details here would enable my arguments to be endorsed.
Hodges H. (2015 May) Challenging the Political Assumption That “Guns Don’t Kill People,
Crazy People Kill People!” Journal of Orthopsychiatry 85(3)
The author discusses whether guns should be held responsible for mass executions. It
illustrates the issue of firearm violence as well as presenting examples of where gun use
ended in tragedy. Also talks regarding rates of mental disorders related to these brutal crimes.
The article will further explain help i that firearms shouldn’t be held accountable
for what by bad people with them.
Miles, Kathleen. “AB 202: CA Schools Could Arm Teachers, Principals, Janitors If Republican
Bill Passes” The Huffington Post. TheHuffingtonPost.com, 31 Jan. 2013. Web. 25 July2014.
This article is a web article that examines the plan of principals, janitors and teachers
being equipped with firearms within California schools in order to build an invisible
defense line. Moreover, the article emphasizes that if the proposal is passed on arming the
staff, then the district of the school would be allowed to spend money to offer skills to
those volunteering staff. I think this article is useful because it describes thoughts of
mitigating gun violence apart from just discussing about gun violence.
Spitzer, Robert J. Politics of gun control. Routledge, 2015.
This source argues current American gun policy developments as well as involving
incidents of shooting plaguing the landscape of America like the Colorado Theater
shooting. It also gives updated data on gun ownership, gun deaths border patrols and
school shootings. The document will help in classifying gun policies as well as getting
statistics of gun ownership.
3. Gun violence is a significant issue in the USA. Such events of violence typically occur in a
setting filled with unarmed, innocent people. Since the occurrence of these events of violence has
increased in the past decade, an argument has arisen as to whether the USA government should
pass a new gun control laws to help to mitigate violence
4. Research Question: What can we do to reduce the gun violence?
5. Gun violence is the most affecting issue in today’s society, the debate continues whether we
should increase or decrease the availability of guns? This makes killing easy to accomplish when
people have access to firearm.
6. Hypothesis: If we had gun control, that would decrease the violence in the USA.

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