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20 Nov

What response should the BCA offer to such proposals at the legislative level within the NCAA?


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The NCAA is considering a number of proposals designed ostensibly to increase graduation rates of basketball players at D-I level. The BCA has asked for your advice regarding a couple of the proposals. One proposal is designed to improve graduation rates by creating disincentives for programs with lower graduation rates. The proposal in question would provide for a reduction of two scholarships for programs with graduation rates that fall below 50 percent, and four scholarships for programs with graduation rates below 25 percent. A number of coaches fear that the proposals will harm their programs because they take players from weaker high schools, many of which are poorly funded inner-city schools in which a large percentage of the students are racial minorities. The coaches believe that it is more difficult to maintain the higher graduation standards with student-athletes from these poorer schools. As such, they believe that the proposal is questionable on racial equity grounds. A second proposal calls for incentives in the form of additional scholarships for schools with graduation rates above 60 percent (one new scholarship at 60 percent, two at 70 percent, and three at 80 percent or higher). Once again, many of the coaches believe that this requirement may benefit universities that recruit heavily from wealthier school districts, which include fewer minority students. A few coaches in the association disagree and argue that the graduation incentives and disincentives programs will ultimately increase the number of minority athletes graduating from universities. Are there legal or ethical problems with the proposals as outlined? What response should the BCA offer to such proposals at the legislative level within the NCAA?

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