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1 Aug

Which type of immunity is most important against bacterial infections?


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“Section III you have two questions for 15 points each. that means I need to see some discussion not an answer made up of one sentence or one paragraph. These are meant to be full discussion questions as I explained. These are not a four lines answer questions. To answer the first of these two questions you will need to discuss specific and non-specific immunity, Cell mediated, humoral immunity, actions of antibodies and the complement system. Then you will give me your conclusion.The second question is regarding the cells HIV impacts not on AIDS. You will need to discuss which parts of the immune system are impacted when the number of CD-4 cells are reduced from 2000 per ml to 200. That is when a person has AIDS. Keep in mind the majority of the cells that are CD-4 are T-helper cells. These cells are the ones that will be activating the two arms of the immune system which are CMI and Humoral immunity. You will need to follow the immune reaction from phagocytes to the action of antibodies to determine which parts will keep on working in a person with AIDS and which ones will not.” QUESTIONS:1. Which type of immunity is most important against bacterial infections? Explain your answer. 2. In a person that has been diagnosed to be AIDS positive which immune system pathways are functioning which ones are partially working and which ones are not functioning at all? Give reasons for your answer.  You may only use the files I have included to answer the 2 questions. no reference page, does not have to be any specific format (just 12 times new Roman font- 1.15 spaced).
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