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31 Jul

XYZ Pty Ltd is an established company


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The caseXYZ Pty Ltd is an established company (the ‘Company’) that has been selling hardware toolsand paints for the last 30 years using traditional “brick and mortar” business model, based ontradesmen coming to the store and selecting the goods they want to buy.They are currently seeking to expand their business to include on-line catalogue with ability tobe browsed, select items to be put in the shopping bag and to make an on-line payment withgoods either being collected in the store, or shipped via a courier.The objectives are to increase the sales, to make it more convenient (time saving) for the tradiesand also to allow non-trade people to shop on-line.Thy envisage 20% sales growth.The Company CEO provided the following very high-level and rough ideas for possibledevelopers:For customers, they can browse the catalogue, explore particular item’s details, add an item toshopping bag, change the number of items, add and delete items to/from shopping bag, selectpick-up in the store or delivery to the nominated address and make an online payment or tosend an inquiry to the store. Store personnel can respond to the inquiries and contact thecustomer via email or phone based on the details provided by the customer.Customers will also have the opportunity to rate and review goods purchased and serviceprovided by the store. Store personnel will be able to respond to the customers’ review.The Company wants to implement the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the next sixmonths and have secured an investment for this. Further investment to finalise the full versionin the following six months will be provided on the basis of satisfactory assessment of the MVPimplementation.XYZ has engaged you (i.e. a group of you) as the requirements analyst in this project.

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