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22 Nov

You are required to write a public finance (taxes and government expenditure) research paper on…


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You are required to write a public finance (taxes and government expenditure) research paper on your chosen topic. Your topic must address an aspect of the federal government that you believe is a financial problem for taxpayers. In your analysis, be sure to discuss some of the material addressed in this course. The paper should be well thought-out and well written. Your paper must also have the following sections:• Introduction/Background• Analysis of the Issue• Alternative Points of Views• Your Own Point of View• ConclusionExamples of broad topics you may wish to consider include the following:Flat Tax versus Progressive Taxation Terrorism & WarfareReforms to Medicare and Medicaid Budget Deficits & National DebtAffordable Healthcare Welfare Reform
All papers submitted must be typewritten, doubled-spaced, 8 – 10 pages (excluding preliminary pages, references and appendices). The font should be 12 point and the type style Times Roman, Courier or equivalent. Full and proper citation is expected. Citations in the text of your paper must reference a complete list of works cited at the end of the paper. The paper should be done using the APA style manual. Wikipedia, blogs etc. are not considered as academic sources…please use scholarly (journal) articles to help in writing this paper. Also, please note that excessive citation although referenced is still considered plagiarism. This paper should reflect graduate level work in content, appearance, organization, grammar, and effort. Please use the grading rubric in your syllabus as a guide! Students are required to submit the document in MS Word

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