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16 Sep

You decided the following phases in First Iteration


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You decided the following phases in First Iteration of a Software product development. You are required to create an initial project plan and a Gantt chart using ProjectLibre. 1. Requirement gathering and analysis 1. Feasibility study (3 days) 2. Data gathering phase (20 days) 2. Design 1. GUI design Phase (12 days) 2. Database Design Phase (14 days) 3. Program Design Phase (14 days) 3. Implementation or coding 1. Form designing (5 days) 2. DB designing and Script writing (7 days) 3. Programs implementation using JAVA (7 days) 4. Testing 1. Unit Testing (3 days) 2. Integration Testing (7 days) 5. Deployment 1. Phase 1 Deployment in Sydney (5 days) 2. Phase 2 Deployment Australia Wide (15 days) 3. Training across both phase 1 and phase 2 deployment (20 days) 6. Maintenance (Ongoing from the stop of training in the previous stage) Use the following instructions to create your initial plan: 1. Each phase has got sub Phases 2. There is a milestone between Requirement Gathering and Analysis phase and Design Phase called “sign off the Agreement” 3. There is a Milestone of “Sign off Launch” between Testing and Deployment 4. In Design Phase all the three Activities can start together (GUI design, Database Design and Program Design) 5. In Implementation or coding all the Activities can start together (form designing, Database Designing and Script writing, program Implementation using JAVA) 6. In Testing both Unit Testing and Integration testing must finish on the same day so that the deployment can start. 7. In Deployment Phase 1 needs to be finished for Phase 2 (Australia wide) start and also Training phase is done across both Phase 1 and Phase 2 8. During the Implementation Phase there will be 2 days when Employees are not available for work as they attend a conference. [You can choose your 2 days as non-working days] You can start your project at any date but you need to match the dates with the number of days given. Also the project works on a standard 5-days a week format so no requirement to change anything in this. Submit your solution on SIBT Learning SITE at the end. Work on your assignment and other labs This lab you must finish any other previous lab you have not submitted and work on your Assignment in the left over time.

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