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17 Sep

Your starting point for this essay is a simple, open-ended question: What do you


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Your starting point for this essay is a simple, open-ended question: What do you think The Book of Margery Kempe suggests about how people experienced and made sense of family, gender, society, and Christianity in late medieval Europe? In responding, keep in mind the following points: Follow a specific thread in your essay—don’t try to stuff in all points one could make about The Book of Margery Kempe. In conceptualizing your essay, pick a question or topic that you particularly want to untangle. Or perhaps start with a moment in the text that you found strange, surprising, or intriguing. Support your points with analysis and reflection on specific passages and examples from The Book of Margery Kempe. Think about Margery Kempe in historical context. Incorporate contextual information/additional examples from lectures, discussions, and Special Collections visits. You can seek out additional scholarly sources via InfoHawk+ for context and interpretation, but this is not required. Consider, if you like, how when it comes to both gender and Christianity, the interface between individual and institution/tradition/community can be a site of tension. You may wish to consider, as well, the diverse gendered identities/perspectives apparent in Kempe’s book, feminine, masculine, and gender non-conforming. Format 4-5 pages (ca. 1000 words). Include name and date at the top of the page. 12 point Times New Roman font or similar; double spaced; 1 inch margins. For citations, use footnotes in the Chicago notes-bibliography style. However, you do not need to include a bibliography if all sources are fully cited in the footnotes. For formatting, see the Chicago Manual of Style Online Quick Guide: https://www-chicagomanualofstyle-org.proxy.lib.uiowa.edu/tools_citationguide/citation-guide-1.html (Links to an external site.) Due Dates Rough Draft: Thursday, September 17, 9.30 am. Upload to ICON for peer review workshop. Final Draft: Friday, September 18, 5 pm. Upload to ICON. Grading Rubric This essay is worth 100 points, or 10% of your overall grade. In this first essay, I’m looking to see how you engage with historical sources. This is an opportunity to try out and get feedback on the analysis and communication skills we’re working on in this course and to stretch your historical knowledge. As I review your essay, I’ll look to see that: (1) you’re making clear arguments about your primary source (The Book of Margery Kempe); (2) You’re grounding your arguments in analysis of specific quotations and examples from the text, as well as information from lectures, discussions, and Special Collections visits; (3) your writing is clear, well-structured, and grammatical; and (4) all sources are clearly and appropriately cited, and no outside sources (including online sources) are used.
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